NOTE AND TERM FEATURES: This Hunter indicator gives you an additional security load to execute your decisions operations in the Forex market within the Metrader 4 platform provided by Metaquotes. But the knowledge of technical analysis in the graphics provided by the platform is essential. If the Investor has no knowledge of Technical Analysis and other indicators such as Moving Leverages, Finonacci, Eliot waves, pivot points within others like price action too, you may experience not good results some times from your investment. Therefore, it is extremely important that the potential custumers has knowledge of technical analysis and the use of other indicators to add the Hunter Indicator to their operating system to avoid losses and filter out false signals.

“All strategies and investments involve risk of loss. No information contained in this product should be interpreted as a guarantee of results or investment advice. ”

    Forex Indicator Hunter includes Mt4 Alerts  

#EURUSD Double Sell 2020  Trade Example in H1 timeframe with Hunter Indicator Signal

Hunter Forex Indicator - Top Forex Indicator

⚠️Welcome to Forex indicator HUNTER the Best and most accuracy Firex indicator inside Forex Market and between all Forex Indicators, for sure this is the  most complete and safe Indicator on the Foreign Exchange market.

The Most Accuracy Non Repaint Signals with Mt4 Alerts


This is The most efficient way to Trade Manually and safely in Forex Market (Majors and exotics pairs), Indices, bonds, cryptos and shares, which is one of the best indicator for MT4 plataform. Powerful fixed signals not move or transfer the signal to another candle ( *no repaint like others indicators). This is definitely a VIP Tool and the best current Indicator 2020 that you can find available nowadays to support you in your trades.

🔔 VISUAL texts messages Alerts

     SOUND alerts for Buy/Sell Signals

⚠️The Forex Indicator Hunter, an intelligent tool, already has integrated in its configurations all the available alerts in the modern market, to facilitate the reception of the signals: Sound Alerts ( notifications ); Visual Alerts (Alert Windows); Alerts with texts ( all alerts inside Metatrader 4 ).

     Email signals alerts notifications

Visual and Sound Notification Window for all Signals

With the integration of signal notifications, you do not need to be looking at the graphics, you can activate sound alerts. With Hunter you do not even need to be near the computer, you will just leave your Metratrader 4 open and you can activate and receive the signals on your phone, anywhere you goou do not have to keep looking at the screen. Easily receive audible alert, or activate alerts by email and receive on your mobile phone.

Forex Indicator Hunter Notifications

The Indicator Hunter has in its functionalities the option to activate the Alert Alert reception via EMail. Of this the indicator that has the best performance in results for Metatrader 4 allows the user the facility to receive the signals in your email (by email) anywhere you are. The signs are fixed and do not repack and after the comity and the facility of this specific option of redemption by email. Example of configuration in windown on the right side.

Forex Indicator Hunter Email notificatio

⚠️HUNTER is a simple Indicator with special settings in your Codes and is the most reliable Non repaint Forex Indicator, with all alerts types options available in modern times in Foreign Echange Market , it can be used for any type of trading and any type of counters/pairs, the interface of the indicator is very simple to use, buy when blue signal apears and sell when red arrow apears ; so you can use right immediately, the success ratio is 93% higher than the failure ratio, is a solid technical indicator and Give u Fixed and perfect Non Repaint entry points in all charts available inside Metatrader 4 plataform and it can be used in any broker arround the world.

After acquiring this powerful Forex Indicator, with simple steps to install, you will be ready to start receiving the signals and make your investments in the forex market much more profitable, easily day after day you will see positive results in your investment account and most importantly , these results will be straightforward.

We will only give a few TRADES EXAMPLES below very lucrative and concrete operations opened with the receipt of the visual and sonorous signals for the purchase and sale in the graphs:

#The Powerful Hunter Indicator Email Alert Activation


# Sell Trade Example  EURGBP H1 Timeframe HUNTER signal.

⚠️ A great differential of the Forex-Indicator-Hunter: Once the signal appears it does not make movements to appear and disappear while the Candle is not closed. When the signal appears and the sound sending is sent it is fixed and definite.signals. #profitable#consistency 


# Double Sell trade #Eurchf H1 Timeframe HUNTER Buy signal.


Use Hunter in All Charts inside MT4

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#Double Sell Trade Example  USDCAD H4 Timeframe based in last \sell Red HUNTER signal non repaint with sound alert.

forex indicators mt4

This is The most Accuracy NON REPAINT and Power Indicator available in Forex Market and all internet in Modern times.


One actually Indicator Ultimate Version with some especial algorithms codes and  design of indicator is easy to understand Blue arrow for BUY and Red arrow for SELL . Works for all type of Trading style, you are short term, long term or Scalper it will easily fit in Dedicated Support. Our friendly Help Team can be reached 7 days a wek, via spcial midias and email.

#HUNTER  #The Legendy 

*“Triple Buy trade #Audcad ( H1 ) Timeframe HUNTER Example

trade opens based in Non Repaint Buy signal”


“Extended Chart with HUNTER Non Repaint last 3 Signals in sequency Examples.

Sell, Buy and Sell again signals with Visual popup Windows alert, Sonore Sound  Alert

and Also the oprion to turn ON email notifications to receive in your Smartphone.

#Hunter Forex Indicator                       #The power in your hands

Double Buy Trade Example  in #Gbpusd H1 Timeframe with HUNTER signal”

Forex Indicator Hunter Eurusd weekly cha

Hunter Trades Videos Examples

Sell Trade Video Example EURAUD D1 Timeframe based in HUNTER signal.

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wait Load

#Start make constant profits in Forex Market


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HUNTER The best tool for best profits!



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#HUNTER Non Repaint Signals with Sound Alerts


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Trade with HUNTER the best FXtool  2020 

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Trading foreign exchange and CFD includes high risk, and may not be suitable for all investors and for everyone. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange Market you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

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