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Copyright Police Warning


     To the website user, Anyone, hereinafter referred to as a User, who intends to use the services on our website must accept the General Terms and Conditions and all other policies and principles that govern it that incluses Copyright Infringement Warning:

     This page serves as a prior notice, that it is not necessary in infrigement cirscumstance to any contact before requesting the removal of the infringing page from Air with HOSTPROVIDER  once the violation is characterized and since all official notice is available and announced on this page.".

     Below are TAKEDOWNS Examples of Websites, Bloggers ( google ), Blogs and telegram Groups channels that have had their Main Pages removed from the Air for infringing registred copyright. ( This message again serves to officially warn any intention of illegal practice of unauthorized use of this website ).

     The HUNTER Indicator Website is owner Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA since 2017. All information contained in this site is the exclusive property of Forex Hunter Indicator Company , therefore, they can not be copied, extracted. Personal and private Images, texts and any information inside this Website copyright owner Registred in Google, Dmca and Lumen data base archieves cannot be used on other sites.

* For Telegram Channels/Groups piracy copyright infringement : Main Channel or group "can" be deletec directly with Telegram company without previous Notice.

* For Websites copyright infringement : The main address of the Website "can"be removed in its entirety with Hostprovider without prior notice.

* For Ebay, Shopify & another ecommercy plataforms copyright infringement : the Ad will be deleted by the ecommerce platform, and may run the risk of having the entire store deleted for violating the platform's term of use standards.

* For Bloggers ( Google ) & Blogs ( Wordpress etc ) copyright infringement : The stolen content page go to takedown with company Hostprovider and may run the risk of having the entire main page blog deleted for violating the platform's term of use standards.

* For YOUTUBE ( Warning) Copyright Infringed on Youtube with the use of HUNTER content, the video will be immediately removed by Youtube through the Copyright Infringement Report Form within YouTube. The Channel may be harmed and have monetization blocked or removed.

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